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    Project Description

    Product Name: Die-cut Paper Lids

    Usage: For heat sealing paper cups and plastic Cup
    Feature:High barrier, Easy Peel.


    Die-cut Paper lids is made of paper laminated  aluminum and plastic film. which are used for sealing cups containing  noodles, yogurts, ice creams, snack etc. and all kinds of cup-packed products that require high safety barriers and effective protection against external environment. In our offer, we have a wide range of co-extrusion paper aluminum plastic thicknesses, and different types of heat sealing layer. 


    • resistant to mechanical damage
    • high sealing power for different types of cups
    • high printing quality
    • cost-effective


    • Paper/Aluminum/heat sealing film
    • PET/Aluminum/heat sealing film
    • PET/Paper/heat sealing film
    • PET/Paper/PET/heat sealing film
    • Printing: Offset or Rotogravue


    instant noodle, snack,yogurt, etc.

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    Packing details

     packing details for foil lid (1)

    packing details for foil lid (2)



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