Product Name: Die-Cut Pet Lids

Usage: For heat sealing plastic cups.
Feature: Metal-free, Microwaveable


Heat seal pre-cut lids (or die-cut lids) are one of Brightpacking’s key products. We manufacture high quality printed lids for the dairy, food and beverage sectors.

We produce rotogravure-printed quality die-cut Pet lids and have the largest number of cutting presses in China and are constantly developing our products and keeping up to date with technical advancements.


  • Over 200 unique shapes of lids
  • Rotogravure printing
  • Speciality inks and finishes, including metallics
  • Design and originations studio to develop designs
  • Embossing :pin dot
  • In-house lacquering and co-extrusion capabilities
  • Heat Seal lacquers, laminates and extrusion coated materials for sealing to most container materials including PS, PP, PE, PET PVC.


  • PET/Heat sealing lacquer
  • PET thickness: 50um-60um
  • PET color: white,transparent
  • Rotogravure printing 10 colors


yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, water, juice, butter,snack,

juice, coffee, tea, cosmetic, seasoning etc.

plastic cup2

Packing details

packing details for foil lid (1)

packing details for foil lid (2)