Shrink Sleeves

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Project Description

Product Name: heat shrink sleeves

Usage: shrunk bottle or cups


 Printed shrink sleeves have grown into a leading packaging application, specifically within the beverage, dairy and food industry but also within other non-food sectors. Shrink sleeve labels are now seen on products including paints, detergent, cosmetics and pet food.


  • Decorative shrink sleeves are labels that are applied and then shrink to the contours of the container through the addition of heat. Printed sleeve packaging is an excellent way to provide maximum shelf appeal to a product because of the availability of a 360 degree printing area.
  • Tamper evident measures can be applied to printed shrink sleeves to improve product safety and brand integrity and include secure perforations and tight seals around product containers.


We supply shrink sleeve labels in all possible base materials including PVC, OPS and PET. Our sleeves can be used on any type of sleeving machine and we are not tied to any particular machine type or brand. The products that we produce allow for maximum production speed and efficiencies in packaging lines.


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