Multi-layer laminated foils

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    Project Description

    Product Name:Multi-layer laminated foils

    Usage: flexible packaging 


    Multi-layer laminated foils  are made of PET, Paper,aluminum, LDPE.

    it is used for flexible package in food industry.


    • Food packages – packaging of aggressive content (e.g. spice, sauerkraut).
    • Lid providing of alimentary packs (with peel effect – for welding with PE packaging materials, only).
    • Food packages – for meat products, sterilisation and pasteurisation. Anti-fog treatment prevents misting.
    • Food and technical packages.
    • Decoration wine funnels.
    • Semi-finished product for food packages.
    • Thermal bags.
    • Special purposes in the health service.


    Laminate structure – basic materials
    LayerMaterial type
    Bearing layerPET, PP, PE, BOPP, paper or cardboard
    Barrier layerALuminum Foil
    Adhesive layerGlue
    Weldable or glueable layerPE, PP, paper or cardboard








    Thickness (µm)Width (mm)
    40 – 400max. 1,050


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