Product Name: Aluminum membrane for metal can

Usage: Aluminium membrane for tagger lids


 Aluminum Foil Membrane is made of aluminum foil that one side with coating and another side with heat sealing lacquer.

which is used for sealing tin-plated cans.

Key features

  • Impermeable to oxygen and light.
  • Quality of the contents remains unimpaired, ensuring a long shelf-life.
  • Cans are easily opened by means of scored or tear-off systems.
  • Physiologically harmless – meets all valid food law requirements.
  • Our strip for tagger lids offers many favorable properties: It can be hermetically closed, it facilitates easy opening and guarantees the product a long shelf-life.

Custom design

  • We supply pure aluminium strip, either with a clear, protective lacquer coating or with a heat-seal lacquer coating, in thicknesses from 0.060 to 0.120 mm.
  • Hydro produces aluminium strip lacquered with a protective coating on both sides for “Penny Lever Closures” or coated with a heat-sealing lacquer on one side for “Peel-off“ applications.
  • Lids of this “Peel-off” quality can be opened very easily by means of the pre-formed easy open ring or tear-off tab. The lid detaches completely from the can.

Application areas

  • Packaging of powdered foodstuffs (milk, coffee, granulated beverages).
  • Dry products (tobacco, mixed spices).